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ONE COURT for Multiple Sports

on a regulation USTA/ITF 60’ doubles court 


•Youth Tennis  U10 ​/ Adult Masters Tennis

•Cardio Tennis Orange Ball

•POP Tennis / Paddle Tennis

•Platform Tennis (with added fencing)


*20’ X 44’ inside the service lines with

orange kitchen line.


SMART COURTS for Engaged Players

There are many smart court technologies that use video and analytics platform to offer player analysis, livestreaming, instant multi-angle video replays, line calling and detailed statistics about shots played and importantly can be used as an innovative tool for all level players to improve performance.  We are reviewing and compiling those in the marketplace.  Importantly examining new products to better engage and retain players and help deliver better user-experiences at venues.

Business People Corporate Cityscape Semi

ANALYTICS for Improved Business

Content management systems, apps, provide real-time data and insights to help businesses understand their needs and help them make important decisions.  There are many lessons and insights to be gleaned on best business practices.   We are working towards helping to provide connected services to navigate which tools are the best fit and to help you understand.



capture new play

Virtual Sports are here and have the ability to capture a new audience of racquet sport enthusiasts and introduce new experiences and opportunities to engage people to sport.   Importantly there is action, movement, there is fun, there is competition and there is an incredible and unexplicable WOW factor that lives in the virtual reality dimension with endless possibilities to provide new inspiration to sport and the connected world community of the future.


New World
Same Humans

New World Same Humans is a newsletter and podcast by David Mattin focused on trends, technology and society, a community that aims to explain the future of ideas and started in January 2020.  Today there are 20,000+ founders, insight professionals, strategists, designers, futurists, academics, policy makers and more!  David sits on the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Consumption and co-author of Trend-Drive Innovation.

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