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resource network focused on technology,

education and innovation to engage

more players, fans and consumers

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Smart Courts.  Smart Racquets.

Connected Players/Venues.

We are monitoring tech and innovation in the marketplace and developing education to help train and bring growth.   A key to evolution is the application and understanding of data and analytics to connect and engage people, players, fans, consumers and businesses.

Virtual Sports in here!   Building a new bridge to "play".

Virtual reality games like RacketNext on Oculus Quest, lets you play a fun, action packed competition  plus gives you a workout whenever and wherever you want.  There is a real opportunity to engage a whole new dimension of future players and attract current players to real sports.



•Pickleball 20’ X 44’  (orange kitchen line)

•Youth Tennis  U10

   Short-Court Adult Tennis

•Cardio Tennis

•POP Tennis / Paddle Tennis

•Platform Tennis (added fencing)


One Court for Multiple Sports



Comments from associations/federations and players  about the Next-Court...


*Looked exactly like a regular Tennis court with singles size and doubles alleys except smaller court overall (60’) to accommodate multiple sports.  A great compromise!


* Net height was 34” at center which is exactly Pickleball height and lower than the Tennis net used at Tennis facilities. But that height works great  on the 60’.  Received a lot of feedback from players who would prefer a slightly lower net like this.


*The overall court dimensions were 60’ x 27’ which is exact paddle tennis size. However the width of the court on the “singles” portion was 20’, exact width of an actual Pickle court. Orange Kitchen lines were also included. In addition, the service boxes 22’ from the net instead of the usual 21’. That 22’ service box works well for tennis and paddle tennis service box but also creates a 44’ court length for Pickleball.

Network of like-minded, future-thinkers, problem-solvers committed to building healthy communities through connected resources.   

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The Racquet & Paddle Sports Alliance

Racquet & Paddle Sports (RPS) Alliance is an independent & innovative resource group created to provide a positive platform for business, 

related industries and associations focused on racquet, paddle sports, health & wellness.  

The RPS Alliance is focused on collaboration, networking, education, trends & future insights to address and navigate the

changing world of racquet sports and build stronger communities through connected resources.

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Tel. 843-816-2789

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Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

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